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Equipment Financing | Business Loans of America

Offering Loans for Financing Equipment to Companies Nationwide

Every business is different and has different needs when it comes to financing. One of the most important things to remember when considering your loan options is that certain parts of your business may be a valuable feature in securing financing. Equipment financing, for example, allows businesses to lease the equipment they use in order to free up working capital and improve overall cash flow. Business Loans of America partners with companies throughout the United States to provide this and several other finance services. Some of the benefits equipment financing can offer include:
  • Saving the cash that would have been sunk into purchasing equipment
  • Maintaining the ability to update equipment regularly whenever lease ends
  • Taking advantage of potential tax benefits that may be applicable
  • Preserving or improving the credit profile of your business
These and many other advantages make it the obvious choice for plenty of businesses. Whether you need office furniture, a truck or an oven, this may be the best option for your company and its financing needs.

How Can I Use an Equipment Loan?

If your company requires high-ticket equipment to function, an equipment loan can help you purchase what you need without dipping too far into your current revenue or personal accounts. You can also use the loan to repair damaged equipment that you already own, replace existing equipment or purchase initial equipment to launch your business.

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When you need financing options that fit the needs of your business, it can be difficult to wade through all of the offerings that are seemingly one size fits all. Your company is unique, and the funding option you select should be tailored to suit your finances. Business Loans of America specializes in offering a range of lending options to small businesses across the country. We provide equipment financing and lines of credit to businesses nationwide. Call us at 888-491-0398 to arrange a free phone consultation with us.